Services for carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterways

Issuance of ADN Product List

Business Challenge

All vessels carrying dangerous goods must be in compliance with the european agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods (adn). Almost all european countries are parties of the adn agreement. This agreement has been also included in the european directive 2008/68/ec. This makes adn requirements the most important regulation concerning transport of dangerous goods by inland waterways or estuary sailing.


What is adn product list? The adn certificate must be supplemented by an individual list of all the dangerous goods accepted for carriage in the tanker vessel, drawn up by the recognized classification society which has classified the vessel.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas?

Experience: Since the early beginning of the implementation of the Rhine Regulation ADNR, then the ADN requirements, Bureau Veritas has issued thousands of Lists of Products. Wide range of application: The experience is not limited to particular type of vessels but broadly spreading to all possible combinations concerning the tanker vessels and dry bulk carriers. Recognized: Bureau Veritas has been recognized to issue the List of Products by all the countries where ADN agreement is already in. Our approach Bureau veritas has developed its own software in compliance whith adn requirements. All bureau veritas vessels are included in the database. This allows us to create the adn list of products which is precisely ad justed to the particular vessel. Such list contains not only the products allowed to transport but also the detailed measures to be taken by the ship’s operators in order to insure the safe transport. Adn list of products presents 3 major points: - Description of the vessel’s structure and equipment - Summary of the all product allowed to transport by adn - Operational support remarks.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What is the validity date of ADN Product List?
The validity is 5 years however in case of major changes, concerning the vessel or ADN requirements, the Products List could be updated in compliance with current situation.

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