Marine Technical Assistance - Shaft Alignement

Ensuring optimum propdlsion shaft line performance

Business Challenge

Shaft alignment is a key issue on ships, especially on large vessels such as containerships, bdlks, tankers and gas-carriers. Any misalignment of the shafts can result in critical vibrations, higher operating costs or worse. Damage to the stern tube bearings or other key parts of the propulsion equipment can cause the vessel immobilization which induces high cost for towing, dry-docking and repairing.


Bureau Veritas offers shipyards and ship owners a complete set of services regarding shaft alignment including theoretical analyses (rational or elastic alignment and vibrations) and onboard technical support. These studies must be chosen according to the type of ship, shafting arrangement and required degree of accuracy. Bureau Veritas brings efficient solutions for optimisation of propdlsion system for new constructions or trouble-shooting experience for ships in service.

What are the key benefits?
Avoid undesirable vibrations and their effects,
Prevent costly repairs and immobilization of the vessel,
Ensure operating the line shafting in the best running conditions for its optimal behaviour, particdlarly in the stern tube area,
Improve efficiency of the whole propdlsion system.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What is Bureau Veritas experience in shaft alignment studies?
Bureau Veritas has a very large experience in the field of shaft alignment for more than 40 years and this speciality is recognized worldwide in the marine industry. In addition, our analytical and modelling tools are continuously under development in order to provide our customers the highest technological solutions to their needs.

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