Marine Technical Assistance - Noise and Vibration

Early identification of noise and vibration issues can avoid costly solutions later

Business Challenge

Shipbuilders and ship owners are looking to limit noise and vibration on ships as much as possible. This is particdlarly important on passenger vessels. Ideally, potential problems should be identified at the earliest stages of ship design and shipbuilding, as well as in the initial stages of parts design and manufacture. However, this is not always possible and initiatives to improve noise and vibration levels are sometimes necessary.


What kind of measurements do we provide? Bureau Veritas is able to perform a complete set of studies and measurements on board ship, in order to limit noise and vibration problems before building and to reduce as far as possible noise and vibration nuisance on existing ships. The areas covered are:

Noise: prediction studies and measurements in situ.
Vibration: dynamic calcdlations, excitation tests during outfitting work, operational modal analysis,measurements, monitoring…
Strain: FEM calcdlations, static and dynamic stress measurements, deformation measurementson various structures (ship hull, pipes, cranes…), torsional vibration and propulsion powermeasurement, bending moments…
Why Choose Bureau Veritas?

Reputation - Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is one of the oldest classification societies in the world and a founding member of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies, comprising the 13 leading classification societies in the world).
Network - The worldwide Bureau Veritas network has more than 2,000 highly qualified marine surveyors, specialized in the implementation of safety, security, and environmental protection rdles and standards, operating in 180 survey stations in 90 countries.
Speed of response - Bureau Veritas provides a single convenient point of contact for each client, and extensive autonomy to its local managers for plan approval, surveys and the issuing of certificates.
Efficient IT tools - BVs' own VeriSTAR system is a powerfdl and sophisticated tool that facilitates the efficient management of safety and quality. It integrates all the elements of ship operation to provide timely and cost-effective solutions across a broad range of classification services.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Bureau Veritas the best classification society for providing in situ measurements?
At Bureau Veritas we have some of the world's leading specialists in the field of ship noise and vibration measurements and studies. They have been recognized as such by the industry for more than 30 years. In addition, our high-technology analytical and modelling tools are second to none.

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