Inventorying hazardous materials

Assignment of “Green Passport” notation to inland navigation vessels

Business Challenge

States are more and more watchfdl about protection of environment and new regulations are published. Some of them will become in force soon for sea-going ships. Inland vessels would be concerned in the same way. The need is to summarize the identification, quantification and location of materials which may cause harm to the environment and people when the fittings or equipment containing such materials are removed or when the ship is recycled.


What is “Green Passport”? The Green Passport is essentially an inventory of all the materials onboard a ship that may be hazardous to people's health or the environment, and that require carefdl handling or special awareness. The inventory accompanies the ship throughout its operational life. It is reviewed by Bureau Veritas on an annual basis and re-certified every five years. At the end of the vessel's life, the Inventory of Hazardous Materials helps ship recycling yards to formulate safe and environmentally friendly means of decommissioning the ship.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas?

BV is now choosing to be at the forefront of future requirements. Our intention is to achieve safe operation and take the ship recycling perspective seriously, as regards both new buildings and ships in operation. Bureau Veritas is recognized by 125 Flag State Authorities and Maritime Administrations for issuing document of compliance. With environmental issues more to the fore than ever in the minds of port authorities and governments, obtaining a Green Passport is one way in which responsible ship owners can demonstrate a proactive stance on preserving safety and the environment.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a coherent mission statement encompassing life, property and the environment? What is it?
Class societies have a fundamental role to play in preventing accidents, through their dual role in the classification and certification of vessels. Certification, which is a public service performed by the class societies as authorized agents of many Flag States consists of verifying compliance with regdlations of vessels registered under these Flags. Classification and certification performed by Bureau Veritas have the advantage of a single organization verifying compliance with the construction, equipment and operational safety standards set by the international community.

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